Where do I go for Event Planning? Dessert tables? Backdrops?

Have you ever wondered how to pick an event planner to execute your decisions for a big day? It’s all about connecting with someone who gets your vision! I found my wedding coordinator after months of searching and after tons of recommendations! I found someone who finally understood my ideas. Separate from the big weekend, looking back, I actually wish I knew about specific event planning services during the months leading up to the wedding for events such as the…

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Give Them The Cold Shoulder

Cold Shoulder tops and dresses were quite a hit in the 90’s and they have obviously made a comeback. With both South Asian and Western clothing – cold shoulders are still so in! When wearing cold shoulder South Asian…


How to style a Jumpsuit – Indian Edition!

How to wear a Jumpsuit – Indian Edition! I personally love wearing jumpsuits because they are so versatile. I am at a point in life where I (sometimes) just don’t care about dressing up, but I still want to…


Weight! My outfit doesn’t fit!

DO find a good workout routine to be a part of your pre-wedding diet – it is well worth it and I’m excited to share mine with you! Here is how I got down to my target goal weight…


Details Details Details!

DO spend time on little details – whether it is a cute idea for your seating arrangement, guestbook, or favor, people tend to appreciate the little things! DON’T try to go above and beyond to be different on every…


India for wedding clothes? Nope!

India for wedding clothes? No, I took my chances in the US and won. And You can too! This is how I got my dream wedding outfits… DO invest time and money on your wedding outfits – you will…