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How to style a Jumpsuit – Indian Edition!

How to wear a Jumpsuit – Indian Edition! I personally love wearing jumpsuits because they are so versatile. I am at a point in life where I (sometimes) just don’t care about dressing up, but I still want to look trendy – enter jumpsuits! They are fun, fashionable, and fabulous! They work especially for us height-blessed women since they break up your body with the middle seam. Even if the jumpsuit itself is a little short – it just works!…

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Weight! My outfit doesn’t fit!

DO find a good workout routine to be a part of your pre-wedding diet – it is well worth it and I’m excited to share mine with you! Here is how I got down to my target goal weight…


Desi Girls Guide to Hair, Makeup, and Wedding Planning!

DO your research and book your makeup and hair artist in advance– someone with a LOT of experience with South Asian weddings or with a versatile portfolio! Quality hair and makeup is something you DEFINITELY want for your wedding…