About Me

My name is Sanna Khoja and I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. I recently got married and moved to a suburb of the great city of Dallas, TX. I am currently a Clinical Pharmacist working in the transplant world.

While my day job is dedicated to pharmacy, I have a passion for fashion!  Since I was young, I was always into the latest trends and styles. I like a little bit of the edgy fashion and I also love a classic look! Ever since my wedding in 2016, I have gotten so many questions about wedding related events including fashion, bridesmaids, etc so I decided to share my wisdom and give tips every Wednesday on my Instagram page (bollyvoguestyle). I continue to write articles about my wedding experiences with you and hopefully you find it helpful! I am by no means an expert in this subject matter, but I hope you like what I have to offer and say!

Sanna (bollyvoguestyle)