My Experience During the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Morning Sickness

So why do they call it morning sickness? I have no idea because it’s actually all day sickness. I felt nauseated from 8 weeks onward in the first trimester. I couldn’t eat anything because it just made me sick. I lived off of PBJs and any other bland food. I used Preggie Pops to help me through the nausea and not sure if it was a placebo effect or not, but it worked. Different ginger candies/chews from Whole foods also helped a bit. Lastly, sparkling water is a must to have handy, it just settles your stomach, trust me! (Side note: I tried the nausea band and it did nothing – not sure if I didn’t know how to use it but it DID NOT WORK).

Weight Loss 

Naturally when you get pregnant, you assume you are going to start gaining weight because you’re growing a tiny human inside of you. But contrary to popular belief, many women lose weight in the first trimester since they are so tired, fatigued, and not eating as much because of the morning sickness. Initially I was worried so I reached out to my doctor and he let me know that it was completely normal and I would start gaining in the second trimester. Get a smart scale if you want to track your weight – not necessary though! 


So this was probably the scariest of all the symptoms! Why? Well because what the heck is happening?! This may be TMI but trust me it’s important to know. If the blood is bright red, you need to seek medical attention right away. If it’s brown or old looking, it is a better sign but you should also talk to your doctor. Many women actually experience bleeding in pregnancy and it causes severe anxiety. I was put on pelvic rest during the first trimester which makes total sense but was also hard. First, you can’t tell anyone you’re pregnant so you have to make up lies about why you can’t hang out. Second, you are literally just worried every second about the bleeding and if it has gotten better or worse, etc. Third, if you are someone who likes to workout (me), you obviously cannot do any of that. I was not on bed rest, but I was not doing any activity except going to work. The bleeding lasted about 2-3 weeks and then thankfully it was completely normal for the rest of the pregnancy. My doctor saw me weekly and monitored the symptoms! 


Lastly, I was tired ALL the time. All I wanted to do was sleep and take naps. I would go to work and come home and either rest or nap and there was no way around it. It just felt like my energy was sucked right out of me. It’s totally normal, however you don’t hear about this part of pregnancy as you do with morning sickness. Don’t worry, it got way better during the second trimester (around 14-15 weeks for me)! 

That was my experience during the first trimester so hopefully you found it helpful or reassuring if you are feeling and experiencing similar symptoms! 


Sanna Khoja (bollyvoguestyle)

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  • Komal
    June 11, 2020 at 2:49 pm

    I loved this summary of the First Trimester! Most people only mention morning sickness. But I loved that you mentioned the weight loss, bleeding & fatigue as well. Good luck on the rest of your pregnancy!

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