15 Things You Should Have on Hand for Your BFFs Wedding!

If you’re the maid of honor or bridesmaid, you will probably need to have several things on hand for the big wedding weekend! 

Most people buy all sorts of emergency kits for weddings but you may end up missing a few things! Here are the top things I think you should make sure the bride has for the wedding weekend: 

    1. Fashion tape – Trust me if you lose weight this will help press down your clothes to your body so it doesn’t look like your dress isn’t altered properly. This way you don’t end up looking bigger than you want!
    2. Eyelash glue – This is super helpful for Indian weddings for all the Tikkas you have to put on. I would even keep it in your purse in case it’s needed throughout the night. 
    3. Safety Pins – You can never really have too many and if you do, other bridesmaids will probably need them as well. 
    4. Sewing kit – This will come in handy in case you rip anything and last minute adjustments are needed 
    5. Gum or Mints 
    6. Mini perfume/deodorant 
    7. Makeup Wipes 
    8. Extra pair of flats – Keep a pair with you even if its just for right after the event is over.
    9. Snacks – When you’re getting ready and hanging out, you’ll get hungry so I usually pack granola bars or some other easy snacks for the weekend. Also, if you are maid of honor, don’t forget to order some breakfast for the girls while you’re getting ready!
    10. Foot petals/cushions – You’re gonna be on your feet for most of the night so these will help your feet!
    11. Mini Steamer – Some hotels already have them and I’m sure you will have everything steamed beforehand. You may need it for last minute things (maybe the bride robe, etc).
    12. Medications – Take allergy meds, pain meds, tums, etc.
    13. Tampons – You never know so have this handy!
    14. Camera – I know everyone has fancy phones but if you have an actual camera, you can take all the getting ready photos for keepsake!
    15. Lipstick – After the bride is done getting ready, take her lipstick and put it in her purse or your purse so that you have it for the whole night!



Sanna Khoja (Bollyvoguestyle)

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