A Day in Milan

We only had one day in Milan but it may have been my favorite city in Italy. We got a car service (we used a company called Blacklane and would highly recommend using them) to take us around and although it was a bit bougie I must admit it felt pretty fantastic. Don’t worry though Milan has Uber so its super easy to get around! 

Cocktail bars:

  • Nottingham Forest: We went twice because it was so cute and different. The drinks or potions as they called them were so tasty and not what you would expect. They have a whole prenatal section for those who can’t drink alcohol or are pregnant – how cool is that? I think I had one cocktail that had curry and pepper – delicious!


  • Monkey Cocktail Bar: Fun and Chill. Bartenders were great. They don’t have diet anything so don’t expect diet Coke or Pepsi haha. My husband was a bit disappointed.
  • Atmosphere American Pub: If you’re looking for a “normal” bar, check out this place. Very chill hangout. Good service!
  • Terrazza Gallia Rooftop Bar has a great view. It was in our hotel. but even if it wasn’t I would definitely recommend it for drinks (not food)!


  • Castle of Milan: We just walked around the castle and read along the way. No need for tickets.  Be sure to pop into the bar across the street called Martini. Nice view, great service, and good drinks!
  • Corso Buenos Aires/Golden Triangle: Go see the Prada Flagship Store. Walk around and see all the designer shops. The sites are just breathtaking and the shops so beautiful. I bought some stuff from Gucci and the sales people were fab – offered us champagne while we shopped and assisted so nicely.
  • City Center Shopping Area: If you are looking for a mall in Milan, this is great. It has both indoor and outdoor shops plus it has cute cafes inside to keep the hubby’s occupied while you shop!
  • Piazza Del Duomo: This should probably be the first stop for anyone in Milan. The most beautiful building is the extravagant Gothic cathedral. It is truly breathtaking. Unfortunately, we did not get to tour the inside but still worth going and walking around the area. Pro tip: Go early to avoid the crowds!

Other  Info: 

We booked our tickets to Italy only a few weeks in advance, so we did not get tickets to see The Last Supper mural. It literally gets sold out months and months in advance, so if you are going then this should be one of the first places that you book!

To sum it up, we were only there for one day and made the most of it. I would have liked to stay another day or two. Most people I talked to said Milan was one city that you could skip, but I definitely did not feel like this. To be fair, I love shopping and can be a bit bougie sometimes so I loved all of it!  Hope you found this helpful!


Sanna (Bollyvoguestyle)

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