How to style a Jumpsuit – Indian Edition!

How to wear a Jumpsuit – Indian Edition!

I personally love wearing jumpsuits because they are so versatile. I am at a point in life where I (sometimes) just don’t care about dressing up, but I still want to look trendy – enter jumpsuits! They are fun, fashionable, and fabulous!

They work especially for us height-blessed women since they break up your body with the middle seam. Even if the jumpsuit itself is a little short – it just works! You can dress them up with accessories and layers or wear them alone (either is super cute)! I don’t see too many jumpsuits in terms of Indian outfits, therefore they make you stand out in a crowd even without accessorizing! I am going to share some tips here about two jumpsuits I wore to family weddings. Give Indian jumpsuits a try, I promise you won’t regret it!

1.Layer Up! Put a blazer on it!

This first jumpsuit I wore to a Sangeet night and got so many compliments. The outfit is from Panache by Sharmeen (@panachebysharmeen on IG). You can wear it by itself and it still looks great. If you are going to an outdoor event or wedding, it’s perfect when you throw on a blazer (I prefer white with this one) or layer it with denim; who would think Indian outfits and denim amiright?  

2.Mix and match it with a long jacket!

The second jumpsuit I wore is from a new designer I discovered in Dallas – Shazia Jamal. I bought a mix and match pair from her (jumpsuit and jacket). They go super nicely together and make for a  perfect and “different” Indian outfit. If you wear it by itself – it can definitely be worn as a Western outfit! Some days, I just don’t feel good about my body to wear the jumpsuit alone and in that case, I just throw on a jacket and call it a day!

3. Belt It!

I have two Indian belts and both work great with the outfit! The jumpsuit has to be worn alone to show off the subtle belts – the jacket would just hide them! The first belt is from Nasim Collections (@nasimshallwani on IG) and second belt is from Shazia Jamal (@shazia_k_jamal on IG).

4.Turn the belt into a necklace!

The belt could also be used as  a long statement necklace – which would be perfect for a night out. If you don’t want to accentuate your hips with a belt – I recommend the necklace instead! You always want to feel comfortable and confident in your outfits – so just depends on your mood for the day!

Btw, I didn’t know the difference between a romper and a jumpsuit until recently. A romper goes above the knees and is usually short. A jumpsuit is usually longer such as pants! Gosh – only took 32 years! I was using them interchangeably and I was wrong so thought I would share that!

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