Weight! My outfit doesn’t fit!

DO find a good workout routine to be a part of your pre-wedding diet – it is well worth it and I’m excited to share mine with you!

Here is how I got down to my target goal weight of 128 lbs. from 145 lbs!

All brides should feel beautiful on their wedding day(s) – regardless of the definition of “beautiful!” So…. what should brides do to truly feel this way? “Hunger games” and starvation? Juice cleanses? Extreme exercises? Diet pills?

I do not think any of the aforementioned items work. So here’s a A few tips for you and your journey to looking beautiful on your special day:

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to start your wedding diet or exercise plan
  • Set your goals and be realistic about achieving them (going from 180 lbs. to 100 lbs. in 3 months is not be the best idea)
  • Find something that works for you and go for it (starving yourself and diving into extreme workouts everyday are not the way to go)
  • Remember to stay completely hydrated throughout your journey
  • If you don’t want to go on a full-blown diet, make small adjustments to your eating habits

Here’s what I came up with after I did a little experimenting and a bit of reading up on the subject. Personally, I do not like giving up food, i’m not an the athletic type, and I am not good at sports – I do, however, enjoy dancing and workout classes!  

I started by making minor adjustments to my meals:

  • Sweets were allowed once a week
  • One healthy meal each day (I usually aimed to eat healthy at night) 
  • Healthy snacks throughout the day so I don’t get too hungry between meals or at night

I never realized that just making small adjustments in your diet could have such impressive results (and you feel better, too)!

I had basically been going to CorePower Yoga and doing the hot power fusion classes. It is similar to Bikram yoga but for 60 minutes instead of 90 minutes. This was a great way to simultaneously relieve stress and get a good workout in! I was doing great with this workout, but I wasn’t getting toned – which was my goal! So I picked up another class called Yoga Sculpt!

Yoga Sculpt is AH-MAZING! I never knew you could do cardio, yoga, and weights all in one class. It’s a great full body workout –  arms, legs, glutes, and abs. I started doing this workout at least twice a week and would aim for a third if possible.  If you have not tried yoga sculpt, I highly recommend it for beginners and professionals! I tried to keep up the hot power fusion class at least once a week to relax my muscles and get some stress relief. I found my perfect workout regimen, because that’s what worked for me! Find something that makes you happy and helps you trim down the fat! 

I literally went from a 145 lbs. to 128 lbs (my original goal was 130 lbs). I met my goal and it felt so good! I was finally ready for my big day, but most of all, I felt beautiful!

DON’T forget to find someone who will do your last minute alterations -you will continue to lose weight due to the stress!

Lastly, I want to share that you will most likely lose weight up until the wedding day. The best advice that someone gave me was to have a tailor essentially “on call.” Even if you get all your outfits tailored, you will probably need to do it again a few days before the big day!

I have a tailor that I have been going to for nearly a decade so I made she sure was available to do last minute alterations. I also gave my reception outfit to Studio Elite on Devon in Chicago 1 week before the wedding. I did not get the outfit back until a few days before the reception… yes, this is a little nerve racking but I had to take the chance and it was worth it. I suggest waiting until at least 1 week before – but only if you have already scheduled a tailoring appointment! My biggest fear was that my clothes would make me look bigger than I was if they were not properly altered  – but guess what? They fit (as you can see below)!





















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