Desi Girls Guide to Hair, Makeup, and Wedding Planning!

DO your research and book your makeup and hair artist in advance– someone with a LOT of experience with South Asian weddings or with a versatile portfolio!

Quality hair and makeup is something you DEFINITELY want for your wedding day. This is one of the few things that you should not go cheap on. You want to look fabulous for all your photos, posts, and snapchats!

Questions to consider when choosing your makeup and hair artist:

  • Do you want your artist to come to your venue or do you prefer to go to a salon?
  • Do you prefer to deal with just one vendor that does both hair and makeup or can these two individuals be different?
  • Is your hair and makeup artist only for you and your immediate family or will he/she also be doing hair and makeup for your bridesmaids?
  • What kind of makeup do you prefer? Heavy, light, airbrush, etc.?
  • What is your budget? Whose hair and makeup are you paying for (immediate family, bridesmaids, just yourself?)

I would do trials a year in advance and try to narrow it down. A good way to start your search is by word of mouth from friends that have gotten married. I contacted several people – some who didn’t even care to respond to me – which I thought was very unprofessional. Some vendors would only do bridal hair and makeup and that was not an option for me – I needed hair and makeup for myself and my family for the first two days and then needed bridesmaids hair and makeup for the last day!

What tips do I have for you?

  • Read the reviews on every website you can and bring up negative reviews when you meet with vendors to see how they respond
  • Get recommendations from former brides
  • Do the trials – yes they cost money but booking someone based on photos is not the smartest thing – everyone has different skin types, looks that they want, etc.
  • Be sure to tell your wedding day artist how many people need hair and makeup done –  you may end up running out of time and that means either you end up paying more because you guaranteed a certain amount of people AND/OR some people just don’t end up getting their hair and makeup done (yes I’ve seen this happen in plenty of weddings)
  • Some artists charge a travel fee if they are coming to you so make sure to ask about this
  • Set aside an area for everyone to get their hair and makeup done – it’s always fun to get ready together!

Personal Experience:
Tamara Makeup and Hair Artistry is a bit on the pricier end, however the quality of their work and the way they could reproduce a look is amazing! I wanted a more natural (less heavy look) for most of the days so I actually ended up using them for 3 out of the 4 days. They were very responsive and I felt like I had a good relationship with them  throughout the planning process. The only downfall with them is that they require a certain amount of people guaranteed getting their makeup done. Luckily, I have a BIG family and LOTS of bridesmaids that needed their hair and makeup done so worked out for me!

DON’T forget to at least have a day of coordinator if you don’t have a wedding planner – best decision hands down for a multi-day Indian wedding!

I would say that many people aren’t aware of the happy medium between a full blown wedding planner and no wedding planner. Luckily, there are now day-of coordinators!

Who should consider day-of coordinators?

  • Couples who cannot afford a total wedding planner package
  • Couples who have Type A personalities and want to plan mostly everything themselves
  • Couples who do not want to heavily burden or rely on family and wedding party for wedding logistics

How should you pick your day-of coordinator?

  • Coordinator who truly understands your wedding vision 
  • Someone who you mesh well with (interview process and email interaction felt right)  
  • Read WeddingWire and The Knot reviews
  • Budget – it’s important to ask how many hours will be covered on the day of the event(s) and how many people will be coming wit the day-of coordinator

Personal Experience
I interviewed several wedding day-of coordinators. With all the positive reviews and the vibes I got from the initial interview, we ended up going with Camille Mclamb. We could not have been happier with our choice. To name just a few things that Camille and her team did during the wedding – they set up all the favors for the wedding and reception. It is NOT easy to put together ~ 200-250 Ferrero Rocher candies with seat assignment cards on top. They also called all vendors prior to wedding and handled all money with the vendors so we were not stressed about this during the wedding. Helped with coordination of family portraits – we each have an extended family of about 100-150 people – usual Indian family). Camille was fabulous – she even helped with my husband’s outfit which basically fell apart prior to the reception (with glue guns and extra buttons and everything)! Lastly, she took photos of details she did not want us to miss and emailed them to me after the wedding. She noticed that our photographer had not yet arrived so she took some snaps, which was so sweet!

For Indian weddings, I would recommend getting a day-of coordinator (at the least). They can help you manage big families and logistics of a large wedding!

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