Tips and Tricks for the Desi Bride – Vendors and Wedding Party!

DO book your videographer and photographer a year in advance – good vendors book up quick!

DON’T forget about accommodating your bridal party -they are with you throughout your wedding weekend!

I’ll keep these two short and sweet. I just want to say we were very happy with both our videographer and photographer, however there are a few things that I can suggest to a new bride to be.



  • Do research and look at photos to see if you want a more natural style or an artistic style
    • I thought I wanted natural which is what I told the photographer and that’s what we got. Retrospectively looking at it, I would have liked to have a few shots that were artistic to use as décor in my home!
  • I would bookmark or write down pictures that are must haves during your wedding
    • I wish I had done a pre-pithi photo shoot with my outfit because I have so many photos during the ceremony with family which were great shots, but barely any photos with my husband
    • I wish I would have taken pictures with my bridal party opening their bridesmaids gifts. I got them Kate Spade friendship bracelets. I would  have loved to capture the reaction they had when they all opened it!

  • Set aside extra time if you have certain shots that require a lot of people
    • I had planned out all the formal shots with the family and that went beautifully, however I assumed that I would have pre-wedding shots with my bridesmaids in their sleepwear that I had bought for them – well since everyone was running around, I only took photos with half of the bridal party

  • Make sure the surroundings are appropriate for the pictures you want
    •  I had ordered a “Mrs. Khoja” hanger from Etsy to hang my Nikkah outfit on and take photos, however the background blended in so you couldn’t really see the writing

  • Make sure backdrops are what you will want to see in your pictures
    • We had a few extra minutes to take some shots in my Nikkah outfit and I didn’t realize that the background wasn’t the best for portraits. I should have went to the lobby of the hotel for better photos. The photos turned out good but very “high-school” portrait like.

  • Tell your photographer ahead of time what details you want photographed
    • Shoes for the ceremony with wedding rings on them, separate shots of jewelry/purses, close-ups of henna, close-ups of carriage, welcome bags/signs,etc. 



  • Make sure your videographer can come through on the various videos you are interested in doing for the wedding 
    • We saw an intro video for an interesting entrance where the bride and groom are “late” to their reception. Mirar Productions was able to nail this for us! To check it out, click here.
  • Look at TONS of same day edit (SDE) videos to see the style that you want. I spent lots of time looking at several videos on FB, YouTube, and Vimeo. Some same day edits have lots of friends and family interviews that tell a mini documentary of your relationship while others focus solely on your wedding highlights with music in the background. And if you are debating whether you should do a SDE, I vote yes! I watch it constantly to relive the best days of our lives! Check out our SDE here.
  • For photography and videography, make sure to negotiate cost for going over the time that was discussed. Both our vendors were super nice, however I know some friends that really got screwed over for time!

Bridal Party 

A lot of times we get consumed with ourselves during our wedding – which is normal – but we have to remember that our wedding party has spent several months and countless hours helping us through the process, so I have a few tips for you to ensure that they feel appreciated:

  • I recommend having a event for bridesmaids and groomsmen to get to know one another – especially if the bride and groom are from different states 
    • We had a Chicago style pizza party (since groomsmen were from out of town) Friday morning on the day of the sangeet
  • If you can afford to pay for their Indian bridesmaids outfit(s), I would recommend it so they don’t have to worry about it. I went the simple route so that (hopefully) my bridesmaids could wear it again

  • You should get the bridal party a nice gift for all the hard work they put in
    • I ended up going with a Kate Spade bracelet, a sleep shirt from VS (practical and good for photos), and a bottle of wine (to enjoy for the wedding weekend)

  • We also thought that it would be AMAZING to spend a little time with the bridal party directly before the reception so we decided to get a party bus! I would highly recommend this for anyone who is interested and has time during their wedding day. We got to dance, drink, and party with them before we had to attend to our guests. We used Emperor Limousine in Chicago and they were fairly reasonably priced. 

  • Lastly, I know people say that its not that important how you ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen to be in your wedding party, but if you can have a small get together – its the perfect way for them to get to know one another! There are so many cute Etsy and Pintrest options on how to ask. My husband and I made it a DIY project – made our own labels for wine and socks!

Hope some of that info was helpful and you were able to get some good wedding inspo. Check out the gallery for more photos! Message or comment with any questions! Till’ next time when I continue the wedding series!



Vendor Information: 

Photography: Peter Pawinksi
Videography: Mirar Productions
Nikkah/Wedding Attire:
Nikkah Jewelry/Purse: Studio Elite

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