Details Details Details!

DO spend time on little details – whether it is a cute idea for your seating arrangement, guestbook, or favor, people tend to appreciate the little things!

DON’T try to go above and beyond to be different on every little detail – sometimes simple and classy does the trick!

So I’m here to continue talking about the DOs and DON’Ts series! I know that you hear  everyone say to focus on the little details for a wedding but really that’s exactly what you should do! That’s what we did and those are the things people remembered most about our wedding. We tried to think of what people would appreciate along with what would make us happy if we were attending a wedding…. and of course we used Pinterest to help us get ideas! I really wanted our cocktail hour to be unique and special so we served all appetizers in a “cocktail” manner. We ended up doing pani puri in shot glasses with a puri on top and bhel puri in martini glasses. These turned out to be a huge hit even though I never even got to try them haha!

Continuing on about cocktail hour, I saw so many Pinterest ideas about seating charts. I have been to weddings where they have super cute seating charts but people still seemed to get lost. I wanted something cute and different but not at the cost of guests getting annoyed. As you can see below, we created a large seating chart with our logo in the background AND we had Ferrero Rocher chocolates (my favorite) with the seating details on top. This way we got to do something “different” and we also considered this a wedding favor since we decided to donate to charity instead of having favors!

Another small detail we had was custom Snapchat filters. It isn’t that expensive to do and totally engages all your guests! If you’re deciding whether to do it or not, just do it! We had a Team Dallas and a Team Chicago filter and that seemed to be a big hit with our guests! Even if you don’t have someone that can custom design your filter(s), you can always choose from the options they have on Snapchat (which also look super cute)!

One thing that I didn’t really think was going to be a big deal but people really enjoyed were glow in the dark batons! We had our hashtag #sktimes2 printed on the glow in the dark batons and people definitely used them on the dance floor! Some people have even told me they “copied” our idea for their own wedding – which makes me happy =) 

Some other details I thought ended up working out very well included the following: sunglasses with our hashtag for the outdoor events and printed signs with little details on them. For example – next to the sunglasses we had a sign that said “Don’t be blinded by our love. Please take a pair of shades!” For the sweets that were the favor after we signed our Nikkah papers,  we had a sign that said “A sweet ending to a new beginning.” We also thought it would be different to have some refreshments at the end of the night that said “Mint to Be.” We purchased the mints on Etsy, but it’s totally a DIY project if you have the time. You can find SO many sayings and signs on Pinterest and Etsy – great places to start looking for the cute details. Signs are great DIY projects for a budget wedding – unfortunately we added these last minute. To ensure everything turned out correctly and matched our theme, we had this detail outsourced!

My favorite idea (which of course I got off Pinterest) was making signs for my bridal party photo shoot! They made for nice memories to look back on AND some great shots for the photo shoot!! The signs were determined based on how I knew my bridesmaids or an inside joke between us! One said “boyfriend” which no one understood but throughout college my friend and I had taken prom poses where she was always the “boyfriend” so it’s definitely a nice memory to look back on!

I would also say that you should do something creative for your guest book – we had a piece of wood cut out with our last name and wedding date on it so that we could put it up in our home! We just recently purchased our new home and cannot wait to put this artwork up! I highly recommend something you can have to put in your home because NO ONE ever goes back (more than a few times) to look at an actual guest book in my opinion!

I can’t stress enough how you DO NOT have to go above and beyond for every little detail. I absolutely loved our cake – it looked and tasted great. I found it on Pinterest and I just wanted to have it for the wedding. But guess what? It did not go with the wedding theme at ALL! My husband told me over and over that it just didn’t match anything else – but the stubborn person that I am – I totally wanted it and made it happen! So I’ve posted pictures below and you can see it didn’t match our decor… sad =/ Everything you see on Pinterest and Instagram may not come to life like you want it to! I spent so much time with each layer of the cake (dating pictures layer, proposal pictures layer, engagement party pictures layer, and the civil ceremony pictures layer). A tip I would give to you is to make sure to think about the placement and significance of everything when you try something off Pinterest! It’s definitely fun and exciting to copy a photo or idea from Pinterest, but think about the overall theme of the wedding before going through with it!









Those were some of the small things that I ended up doing for my wedding! I added some photos to the gallery so check them out. Hopefully ya’ll found some of this helpful! Questions about vendors in Chicago? Message me or comment! Be sure to subscribe to my page to get updates! Till next time of the wedding series!


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