India for wedding clothes? Nope!

India for wedding clothes? No, I took my chances in the US and won. And You can too! This is how I got my dream wedding outfits…

DO invest time and money on your wedding outfits – you will constantly look at your photos and will definitely regret it if you aren’t 100% satisfied with your clothes!

DON’T go cheap on your groom’s outfit(s)- if it isn’t good quality, you will be able to tell and it could actually fall apart!

As soon as I got engaged, all I ever thought about was how my outfits were going to look for my wedding! I was constantly on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook! One of the most important things for me was choosing my outfits. I’m from Chicago and I had no plan, PTO, or budget to go to India or Pakistan to get my clothes, so I had to resort to searching in the US. I started my search in Chicago on the (in)famous Devon Street, which had plenty of stores that have great style – but nothing really stood out to me. At the same time I had also heard plenty of horror stories about doing custom outfits that turned out horribly wrong and it was too late to do anything about it! I was a little scared and then learned I needed to search in Houston – so I started early!

Houston is definitely THE place to be to search for Indian outfits. The variety is like no other! Whether you need to shop for a wedding or any special occasion, you will always leave satisfied. I showed up with the task of having to find six outfits for my four day wedding – crazy I know! Luckily my friend had recommended a great boutique to check out and I immediately knew that this was probably the place I was going to get most of my wedding outfits from! Panache Designs in Sugar Land, Texas is where I ended up going to make my custom reception outfit. Today I’m going to share my experience customizing my outfit by Panache with you all!

Photo Credit: Pawinksi Photography

My experience with Panache was very professional and I loved the whole process of custom making my reception outfit! Panache will always provide you updates about your outfit – which is not something you always get when customizing outfits, especially from older aunties (I hate to generalize but that was all the feedback I got from others who customized around Texas). Even when it came to picking between two slightly different shades of pink, I was consulted. Panache went out of her way to send me photos of the blouse before having it shipped from India to make sure the neckline was appropriate for the wedding, which I really appreciated. The outfit arrived about a month before the wedding and she Face-timed me to show me the final product. She actually warned me that the pink background on my skirt was duller than I probably wanted. I appreciated the honesty and she was right! She had already made arrangements to send it back to India and get the base color changed to a brighter pink. This was done even though I was the one who had actually picked the original color for the base! Because there were so many last minute changes, she ended up sending the outfit straight to me in Chicago – so sweet and accommodating. I still received the outfit with plenty of time to make any last minute alterations. The reality of shopping for Indian and/or Pakistani custom outfits is that you don’t get this type of customer service everywhere you go. Money does not equal quality. Regardless of your budget – whether it is $2,500 or $25,000, it is important to find a partner that will do what Panache did for me. Notice how i said the word partner and not vendor, not designer, not store – which is probably the most important advice I could give to any South Asian bride!

Photo Credit: Pawinksi Photography

The outfit turned out great and I couldn’t have imagined a better outfit for my reception! At the same time, I can’t stress enough how important it is to also spend time on the groom’s outfits. We did not end up doing this for our wedding and had some last minute regrets! My husband is not that fashion forward and did not care where he got his outfits from as long as they fit him and as long as they looked good with my outfit! Well I won’t share where we got his reception outfit from, but it did end up literally falling apart! Two buttons fell out just before the reception. Luckily, we had a great day of coordinator (Camille McLamb – and she ended up doing some creative things to sew and glue it back together! In the end, it all worked out! I recommend spending a little more time shopping and looking for quality outfits – IF custom is not an option. We did end up finding some great designer male Indian outfits in Chicago for our other events! Check out Inspire Multi Brand on Devon – I wish we had gotten his reception outfit from here as well!

Photo Credit: Pawinksi Photography

Photo Credit: Pawinksi Photography

It’s pretty overwhelming to plan a 4 day Indian wedding. Picking out your clothes is just one of the million things you need to do! Check out the picture gallery to see my ready made sangeet outfit by Panache Designs! Be sure to subscribe to my page to get alerts about the upcoming Do’s and Don’ts wedding Series!

DO’s and DONT’S Wedding Series

DO invest time and money on your wedding outfits – you will constantly look at your photos and will definitely regret it if you aren’t 100% satisfied with your clothes!
DO spend time on little details – whether it is a cute idea for your seating arrangement, guestbook, or favor, people tend to appreciate the little things!
DO book your videographer and photographer a year in advance – good vendors book up quick!
DO your research and book your makeup and hair artist – someone with a LOT of experience with South Asian weddings or a versatile portfolio!
DO find a good workout routine to be a part of your pre-wedding diet – it is well worth it and I’m excited to share mine with you!

DON’T go cheap on your groom’s outfit(s) – if it isn’t good quality, you will be able to tell and it could actually fall apart!
DON’T try to go above and beyond to be different on every little detail
– sometimes simple and classy does the trick!
DON’T forget about accommodating your bridal party -they are with you throughout your wedding weekend!
DON’T forget to at least have a day of coordinator if you don’t have a wedding planner
– best decision hands down for a multi-day Indian wedding!
DON’T forget to find someone who will do your last minute alterations
 -you will continue to lose weight due to the stress!

*****This post was in no way sponsored by any designer or company. This is simply my personal opinion on Indian wedding shopping.

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