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creative writing 9th grade

15 Things You Should Have on Hand for Your BFFs Wedding!

If you’re the maid of honor or bridesmaid, you will probably need to have several things on hand for the big wedding weekend!  Most people buy all sorts of emergency kits for weddings but you may end up missing a few things! Here are the top things I think you should make sure the bride has for the wedding weekend:  Fashion tape – Trust me if you lose weight this will help press down your clothes to your body so it…

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creative writing 9th grade

Bridesmaids 411

First and foremost, it’s most important to get the entire group together. If you aren’t in the same state as most of your bridesmaids, then sending something small is a good idea. To be completely honest, I don’t think…

creative writing 9th grade

Guest Blog Post on Shop Kynah

If you are interested in unique bridesmaids gifts, check out my guest blog post on Shop Kynah’s website. There are so many options to choose from! Shop Kynah Guest Blog Post Leave your comments on other bridesmaids gifts.  …

creative writing 9th grade

Details Details Details!

DO spend time on little details – whether it is a cute idea for your seating arrangement, guestbook, or favor, people tend to appreciate the little things! DON’T try to go above and beyond to be different on every…